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List what you get in the mail each day

Welcome to todaysmail

Who doesn't love mail?! This is a community where you can post everything you have gotten in the mail on each day. From junk mail to freebies. From eBay wins to pen pal letters. Post every day because we are all nosy bastards deep down and it’s illegal to rifle through out neighbors mail box.

The rules are few and simple:

Please make your posts in list form (1 mail item per line) or use bullets. It just makes your post neater and easier to read.

Only one post per day. If you forgot something or got something else, edit the post.

NO PICTURES unless it is something exciting and then only under a lj-cut or thumbnailed.

No off topic posts, spam or anything of the sorts. you will be made fun of. If it's not a list of your snail mail or about your snail mail, don't post it. When in doubts, email the mod.

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How to Reduce Junk Mail

I'm genkireirei and I've just taken ownership of the community. If you need to reach me, just e-mail me here: genkireirei @ gmail.com :)